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Vet Tech Advice for High School Students: Part 2

Note: This post is the second in a two-part series for high school students. The first post is: Vet Tech Advice for High School Students: Part 1

By now you’ve done some research, talking to actual vet techs, and even spent some time shadowing one. You like what you’ve read, hear, and seen, and you’ve decided that you really do want to become a vet tech after high school. What can you do before you graduate to increase the odds of being accepted into a vet tech program? Here are a few things to consider:

Vet Tech Volunteer Work

One thing employers and schools like to see is a well-rounded student. This means you have to do more than score high grades and graduate high school. You should also have some extra experience that makes you stand out from the crowd. Things like volunteer work at an animal shelter or vet’s office may be common, but they immediately boost you to the top of the list. Hands-on experience with animals is a great thing to have not only for your resume, but they also provide you with things to talk about in your vet tech admission’s essay.

To find volunteer opportunities, get in touch with local rescue groups, humane societies, and veterinarians. Let them know you are a high school student looking for part-time volunteer opportunities, and that would really enjoy the chance to work hands-on with animals. These groups, especially the non-profits with limited budgets, are always in need of volunteers. Make sure to keep track of how many hours you spend volunteering in a special log, and write down everything you were responsible for.

While volunteering, make an effort to go above and beyond and really impress the people you are working for. If you are a stand-out volunteer you can ask the organization for letters of reference when you are ready to apply to school. Most vet tech programs require a few letters of recommendation, and if you did a great job as a volunteer then it should be much easier to get them! Doing a great job also means you’ll be trusted with more responsibility, so you’ll have some pretty interesting things to add to your resume when all is said and done.

Classes To Take in High School

Aside from your volunteer work, it’s also a good idea to focus on the academic side of things to prepare yourself for vet tech school. Now each vet tech school has different admission’s requirements, but they are generally the same. You’ll need a high school diploma, so first and foremost you need to be a good all-around student so that you can graduate on-time without any issues.

Secondly, you’ll want to score high grades in your science and math classes. You’ll be taking a lot of these classes in vet tech school, so the admission’s board will want to see how you handle them. Getting A’s in these classes is definitely going to tip the scales in your favor, so study hard and seek out a tutor if you’re having a problem!

There aren’t many specific classes you’ll need to take in high school, so just concentrate on being a well-rounded student, getting great grades, and getting as much extra-curricular experience under your belt as possible! When it comes time to apply to vet tech school, it’s going to be your hands-on experience with animals and your overall GPA that is going to set you apart. Good luck to you!

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