Which Veterinary Technician School Should I Go To?

Aspiring vet techs always want to know which veterinary technician schools are the best, and which one they should go to. Let me tell you right from the start that there is no “best school!” The best vet tech school is the one that is the best match for your situation, which means your location, finances (including available loans and financial aid), and what you hope to get out of your education. These days any vet tech school accredited by the AVMA is a safe choice, meaning you don’t have to worry about graduating from one of these programs with a useless degree incapable of landing you a job. So the question remains, what factors should you consider when choosing a veterinary technician school?

  • What is your budget? The first question you should ask yourself is how much money you are willing and able to spend on your education. Remember, your vet tech degree is an investment in your future, so don’t be afraid to take out a student loan or apply for scholarships and financial aid. With a number in mind, you can narrow down the schools you have to choose from.
  • Where do you live or where do you want to work in the future? One important point to remember is that after obtaining your vet tech degree, you’ll have to sit for the state board exam in order to be a licensed vet tech in that state. This is why most techs choose a school in the state they plan to practice in. Scores can be transferred between states only if those two states use the same tests. So give some thought to your future when selecting a veterinary technician school.
  • Do you want to specialize in anything? Consider potential specializations you may pursue later in your career when choosing a vet tech school. Most curricula share a lot of common material, but some may have more emphasis on an area like small animal or equine care. If you’re interesting in specializing in these areas, it’s nice to start accumulating experience now. Furthermore, check to see if the faculty at your program are members of any specialty societies. Talking with these people throughout your education can be an invaluable way to prepare for your future.

Enrolling In An Online Vet Tech School

For some students, the only vet tech school options available are online distance education programs. These programs are an acceptable choice as long as they are 1) FULLY accreddited by the AMVA, and 2) include mandatory clinical coursework. Mandatory clinical coursework means that in order to graduate with a degree, you’ll need to work hands-on in a veterinary practice performing routine tasks on live animal patients. Yes it’s an online degree, but it’s worthless without this hands-on experience! Make sure you do plenty of research about graduation requirements before enrolling in an online vet tech program.

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