The Best VTNE Study Guides

Are you looking for the best study guides for the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE)?

First of all, congrats on being a smart vet tech student! Working your way through a VTNE study guide (or two) is a simple but effective way to ensure you pass the test and get your state credentials.

When I was studying for the VTNE I had the good fortune to borrow a bunch of different study guides from my classmates, and believe me, some are a lot better than others!

Below is a list I put together of the best study guides for the Veterinary Technician National Exam. Pick up a few of these books, read them cover to cover, take online practice tests, and you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes time to take the VTNE! Best of luck.

Top 3 VTNE Study Guides

1. The best study guide I used was Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians. This book was written by vet techs and it covers every aspect the curriculum in a really nice outline format that’s easy to use and study from. The chapter outlines, glossaries, lesson outcomes, and review questions are all really helpful, and very comprehensive. This book also features a 300-question practice exam, which is an awesome way to test your knowledge once you’re done studying. Pick up a copy and read it cover to cover – twice! It will be a huge help in your journey to pass the VTNE.

2. Second on the list is a VTNE study guide called Master the Veterinary Technician National Exam. Part I covers the basics of being a vet tech, which is information you probably know and won’t need for the VTNE. However, this section does have a nice section on landing a vet tech job, with good info on resumes and cover letters. Part II starts the section on the exam itself, and it includes a diagnostic text that will show you your strengths and weaknesses. This was really helpful for me as it showed me what I should spend my time getting better at, instead of spending precious time on things I was already good at. Part III of the book covers the types of questions you’ll see on the test, gives you strategies for answering them, and includes a ton of practice questions. A really awesome and helpful book!

3. Another excellent VTNE prep book is LearningExpress’ Veterinary Technician Exam Complete Test Preparation. The reason I really liked this book is because not only does it give you review questions and answers, but it explains why the answer is correct and why other answers are wrong. This overview helps you understand the material better, and it also helps your overall VTNE strategy, because it shows you how to approach a question and how to easily rule out wrong answers. Like the other study guides this one includes practice tests, as well as tests at the end of each chapter to help you narrow down your strengths and weaknesses. Buy it!

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