3 Warning Signs That Being a Vet Tech is Not For You!

With all the talk about vet tech burnout lately, I thought it would be worth it to take a look at some of the warning signs that show being a veterinary technician is NOT for you! If you are thinking about becoming a vet tech, but aren’t 100% sure if this is the job for you, see if you can recognize any of these warning signs in your own life.

The only reason you want to be a vet tech is because you “love animals.”

Now obviously you need to “love animals” if you’re going to be working with them every single day. But it seems like for some people, this is literally the only reason why they want to pursue this career. If you think that this job is all about playing with cute little puppies and kitties – think again!

You need some kind of other motivation besides “loving animals” if you want to last in this field. The job involves sweat, blood, and tears on a regular basis, so shadow a vet tech and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you make any big decisions.

You want to strike it rich as a veterinary technician.

The cold hard truth of this job is that on an an average vet tech salary alone, you’re not likely to be living in a mansion or driving a 7 Series BMW. If these are the types of things you want for yourself (and there is totally nothing wrong with wanting them), that should be a big warning sign that veterinary technology might not be for you.

Even the highest paid vet techs aren’t earning much more than $40-$50k per year, and the majority are earning much less than that. You might be able to make a life of luxury work if your spouse or partner has a nice paying-job, but on your own, it’s not something you should expect.

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You’re doing this because you’d rather work with animals than people.

It seems like lots of aspiring vet techs have their eyes on this job because they’d rather work with animals than deal with difficult people. Animals can’t complain or yell at you, so the idea does seem kind of nice. The truth of the matter is you’ll be dealing and communicating with people all the time. Every single pet owner comes with its own human after all, and not all of these people are kind and easy to deal with!

To succeed as a veterinary technician you’ll need good communication and listening skills. You’ll play the role of educator for people who don’t know much about veterinary science, and you’ll have to deal with telling people things they sometimes don’t want to hear. If you think you’re going to be able to avoid working with people, think again!

The bottom line

Do your homework and ask yourself honestly, why do I want to become a vet tech? What expectations do I have, and are they realistic? Picking a career is one of the biggest decisions of your life, and you’ll spend a lot of time and money making your dream come true – so many sure it’s a dream that’s really right for you!

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