Vet Tech Job Outlook

One of the positive aspects of a vet tech career is the great outlook the job has going into the future. The BLS says:

“Excellent job opportunities are expected because of the relatively few veterinary technician graduates each year. The number of 2-year programs has recently grown to about 160, but due to small class sizes, fewer than 3,800 graduates are anticipated each year, a number that is not expected to meet demand. Additionally, many veterinary technicians remain in the field less than 10 years, so the need to replace workers who leave the occupation each year also will produce many job opportunities.”

Of course, there are some higher-paying or more desirable positions in research, zoos, and aquariums where competition is much greater. Lots of vet techs want these jobs and there simply aren’t enough of them to go around. Combine this with the fact that those who DO have these jobs don’t leave that often, and you can see why competition is so fierce.

Veterinary technicians, like other health care professionals, are not likely to lose their jobs during periods of economic downturn. Animals will always require basic care, even if their owners forego elective surgeries when economy isn’t doing well.

To get a better idea of the specific job outlook in your area, or the area you expect to be working, I would do some online research. Head over to sites like and search for vet tech positions in your area. This will give you a general idea of how many jobs are available, but keep in mind that not every vet advertises online. There’s probably more vet tech jobs in your area than it appears.

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