Become a Veterinary Technician!

Your free online guide to vet tech careers

This free vet tech career guide was designed to help you through the whole process of becoming a veterinary technician from start to finish! We will cover everything you want to know about this popular career, so you can make the best decision for your future. Whether you are just starting out with some basic research, or if you have already decided you want to become a vet tech, you will find articles with the information you need! Curious about what vet techs do? Want to know how much money they make, and what kind of benefits you can expect? How about getting your vet tech degree online from the comfort of your own home? We cover it all, so that your journey to becoming a licensed vet tech is an easy one!
Veterinary technicians can expect strong job opportunities in a fast-growing field. In fact, studies show that for every graduate joining the work force, there are 68 open jobs! Finding a position is easy for most licensed grads, so you will never have to worry about unemployment, even in a recession. As an entry level vet tech you can expect a salary in the $30,000 range, based on which state you live in. Salary generally increases with age and experience. Vet techs who are certified in NAVTA-recognized specialties such as anesthesia, internal medicine, or emergency care will earn more than un-certified colleagues. Certain work settings, such as research labs or hospitals, tend to pay more as well.
Did you know that it is possible to become a veterinary technician online? It may sound strange, but there are actually fully-accredited online vet tech programs that allow you to get your associates degree without ever stepping foot in a classroom! There is a catch though: all of these programs include mandatory clinical portions that require you to do hands-on work in a veterinary clinic or hospital. This means you will need to find a veterinary doctor that will let you perform certain procedures on live animal patients. For this reason, getting an online degree is not an easy option for everyone. Most people who take this path are already working as vet assistants, and have a good relationship with the vets who employ them. Still, this can be a really great option for people who are able to find a clinical mentor!

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